SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom is a revolutionary self defense process that enables students to develop Proper, Instinctive Reactions of only the Most Viable Techniques against most forms of violence.

os-Arm-Twist-2The need for Self Defense has certainly grown over the past years. So are too many people now who are hate filled and remorseless. The atrocities I hear happening to people now a days are abhorent. Take a look at the attack on this web site at www.skill2survive.com of a woman who thought she was safe in her home. It was caught on her nanny cam.

Self Defense begins first with Instinct, SFA provides a unique way of enabling people the right reactions they need for all most every form of violence that they could face at the “Intensity” that an actual street fight occurs. All you really have at the moment of any attack are you instincts and if they are not properly honed you can find every thing that you have worked for in your life over in a nanosecond.

After Instinct there is Technique. Here you want only to spend time on only the most effective, combat proven techniques that you can learn easily and refine quickly. Before you listen to someone tell you about Krav Maga, Karate or some other self defense system come and at least look at SFA. Compare SFA Techniques to other systems and you will beyond a shadow of a doubt see moves that work better than any other system.

Conditioning is also a must and for this I am not just talking about running on the eliptical machine or riding the bike but actually developing the conditioning you need to perform under the stress of 3 people punching, kicking and stomping on you. Believe or not it is NOT hard to develop this conditioning but you have to do it. SFA has a very unique way of enabling you perform under these conditions. It is all about constantly making your stronger, faster, better and able to respond.

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