Self Defense

Self Defense And Street Fighting

People say “Self Defense” but what they really mean is “Street Fighting”. Any Self Defense situation is going to occur when someone of evil intent decides to attack you. This usually occurs in what we call a “Street Fighting” Situation. Sure it could be a Home Invasion, a Robbery, a Rape or Gang Assault but when we say Street Fighting we mean a no rules life or death attack.

For this the Instincts and the Intent of the Victim are VERY IMPORTANT. We know the Instincts and Intent of the vile human animal that is attacking you but can you a decent, good human being conjure immediately the Instinct and Intent you need to fight back and actually stop an actual street attack from a truly amoral, evil individual who is determined to harm, mutilate, debase or kill you. WELL YOU HAVE TO BE.

Too many good people have been seriously injured or killed because they did not take their time to get their heads right when it comes to violence. Learning how to fight back does NOT mean you are bad and it does not mean that you are going to become like the evil human animals who hurt others. No sir it does not.

It all depends on how you are trained. You can develop tremendous killer instinct without being amoral. Why go through life being a victim because of a mis belief. SFA, the Survival Fighting Axiom can empower you with the most effective Street Fighting ability to react against real attacks in the chaos and stress that they create. Check out


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