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SFA Is Now In Newark Delaware

The SFA Training Center is now located at 13 Prestbury Square, Newark Delaware 19713. Tactical Threat Solution Private Lessons, Modules, Courses, Hyper – Preps and Camps in Practical Self Defense, Hand To Hand / Close Quarters Combat, Anti-Grappling, Tactical Ground, Tactical Knife, Tactical Short Sword, ECQ Pistol, ECQ Shot Gun, Tactical Assault Weapon, Tactical Throwers and Tactical Garrote are now being offered to qualified clients.

The Best Self Defense Training In Delaware

Everyone thinks they can handle themselves but when is the last time you were fighting 3 people at once, how about fighting after you have been hit in the back of the head or fighting against a real knife. How about experiencing a real street fight with someone who is truly evil and determined on harming or killing you. Do you know the average street attack is not announced.  They sneak up on you and try to inflict on you the most damage when you are the least expecting.

For this experience there is nothing better than SFA. SFA is the Survival Fighting Axiom and it was born out the worst possible attacks happening at the worst possible times. The Techniques are Revolutionary and unlike anything seen before. It is taught ONLY in Seminars, Camps and Private lessons in Newark and Middletown Delaware.

SFA Techniques are so effective that they do not teach not teach you to block or receive blows but instead to do something very unique, they ATTACK THE ATTACK destroying the incoming blow or grappling attack. I have been in Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling, Krav Maga, Karate and others for many years and when I EXP[ERIECNE my first SFA process I can tell you that I was amazed!!!!!

What Mr. Sachetti is doing in SFA is not being done any where else. A principle based process that starts with Range & Depth to instinctually develop in you  an ability that other people simply do not have. I feel confident, competent and capable to deal with anyone, no matter if he is biggger, younger, stronger or trained in another art. It does not matter because SFA instills in me the principle understanding to react to whatever attack is made and destroy it at it’s source to disable my attacker no matter what size he is.

– Greg McDaniels

Self Defense And Street Fighting

People say “Self Defense” but what they really mean is “Street Fighting”. Any Self Defense situation is going to occur when someone of evil intent decides to attack you. This usually occurs in what we call a “Street Fighting” Situation. Sure it could be a Home Invasion, a Robbery, a Rape or Gang Assault but when we say Street Fighting we mean a no rules life or death attack.

For this the Instincts and the Intent of the Victim are VERY IMPORTANT. We know the Instincts and Intent of the vile human animal that is attacking you but can you a decent, good human being conjure immediately the Instinct and Intent you need to fight back and actually stop an actual street attack from a truly amoral, evil individual who is determined to harm, mutilate, debase or kill you. WELL YOU HAVE TO BE.

Too many good people have been seriously injured or killed because they did not take their time to get their heads right when it comes to violence. Learning how to fight back does NOT mean you are bad and it does not mean that you are going to become like the evil human animals who hurt others. No sir it does not.

It all depends on how you are trained. You can develop tremendous killer instinct without being amoral. Why go through life being a victim because of a mis belief. SFA, the Survival Fighting Axiom can empower you with the most effective Street Fighting ability to react against real attacks in the chaos and stress that they create. Check out


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